Corporate and Institutional Communication Photographer

Your tailor-made communication!

The Corporate Communication Reportage will enhance your documents with personalised visuals of your premises, offices, meeting rooms and factories, portraits of your employees as well as your manufacturing processes and products.

Taking care of your brand image, your e-reputation and your influence, giving a human dimension to your communication supports, highlighting your collaborators, services and craft know-how are as many reasons to call upon a professional photographer in order to imagine together your communication visuals and to make them always more impactful.
In institutional, advertising or lifestyle mode, the photo report or corporate photo shoot can be adapted to your communication strategy to illustrate :

  • The portraits of your employees,
  • your professions in situation,
  • your workshops, industrial premises, offices, meeting rooms,
  • your completed or in-progress projects,
  • your internal and external events
  • your company storytelling

Get away from the clichés of stock images, be Unique !

Fields of activity:
* Services (craftsman, shopkeeper, independent, liberal profession)
* Institutions and local authorities (General Council, Town Hall, Tourist Office, Museum, etc)
* Industry
* Building
* Agri-food
* Transport
* Media
* Hotels / Restaurants

* Website
* Social networks
* Internal newspaper
* Press release
* Commercial brochure / Brochure / Business card / Roll up / Photocall
* Activity report / Annual report
* Newsletter / Email signature

Available in Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône, French Riviera

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